Studio Shots

Can you imagine your wedding without music?  The music you choose for your wedding is almost as important as the bridal gown; both will be remembered by your guests. Music sets the mood for your ceremony, so you want to choose it very carefully.  If you want to make your wedding stand out from all others with a beautiful and unique sound, then you should consider having the hammered dulcimer as a part of your special day. 

Much preparation on the part of the musician(s) takes place prior to your wedding.  Rehearsal as a solo musician or with other musicians (if requested) takes time and if special music is requested even more time will be invested.  Tammy has many years of experience providing music for that very special wedding day.  If you are uncertain about your music selection, she will help you during the initial consultation. 

Basic Ceremony music 
This includes prelude music for the seating of guests, seating of parents/special family/guests, procession of bridal party, bridal processional, special music within the ceremony, recessional of bride and groom, bridal party and music while guests depart. 

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“Tammy Martin has played in churches I have served as a pastor and has always inspired.   Her song selections relays depth and richness, which transcend generations, season, and musical styles.  The peaceful melodies and lively tunes leave us wanting more!"

Richie Hayes
Glen Alpine UMC