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Contact me for your special occasion. 

Looking for music that is unique and exceptional for your next special event or gathering?  The sound of the hammered dulcimer can provide that experience for you. 

With 30+ years of experience, Tammy Martin has introduced many to the beautiful sound of the hammered dulcimer.  Those experiencing the dulcimer for the first time walk away in wonder from the sight and sound of the instrument. 

An ancient instrument with the sounds of piano and harp, the melodious tone of hammered dulcimer can evoke any mood from joyous & carefree to somber & soothing. 

Providing background music or in concert, Tammy shares her music as a solo performer or with others and would be honored to provide the beauty of the hammered dulcimer for your next special event.

Latest Track

--Music/Arts events  
--Seasonal Events - Fall Festivals, Heritage Festivals, etc. 
--School festivals, After-school groups, School Club Meetings

--Wedding Ceremonies and Pre/Post Wedding functions -- --See Wedding page for more information 
--Worship services and other church events 
--Funerals/Memorial services 
--Gallery and Business openings 
--Corporate functions 
--Coffee house or small restaurant venues 
--Special dinners or banquets 
--Club meetings 
--Garden parties 
--Christmas events or home tours 

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"If you’re in the market for a rich and melodic blend of music for your event, look no further than Tammy Martin and her lovely hammered dulcimer. Ms. Martin is highly skilled at this difficult instrument, with a gorgeous repertoire of tunes for either background or center stage. Featuring traditional and Celtic tunes, she provides a pleasant mix and just the right touch for events both big and small. I cannot recommend her enough!"  --Leslie Peterson 

Leslie Peterson 
Write Away Editorial 
Project Glade


"The music provided by Tammy Martin and her dulcimer has not only added significantly to the experience of our community and fund-raising events, but also has helped draw audience to these events. Tammy's musicality as well as her repertoire excite many within our community who appreciate quality music as part of the enjoyment and purpose of occasions that bring people together.” -- Dirk Moore 

Dirk Moore 
Emory and Henry College 
Project Glade